Extreme Sports push yourself to your limits and gives you a unique opportunity to experience yourself. You will eventually learn a lot about yourself and others. These experiences and storys are worth to be shared and can give new impulses to the audience.

In Multimedia presentations Lukas Irmler tells the stories about his biggest projects, best adventures and travels. A lot of photos and videos are waiting for your audience  and there is always fresh new stories to tell, as Lukas is constantly pushing his limits.

In his inspiring presentation "My Life On The Line" Lukas shares his approach to fear and obstacles and how he overcomes these in his daily life. Life is like a wirewalk is what people say and Lukas lives his life in constant balance between his passion for the extreme experiences and his grounded approach to share the insights in how you can tackle your fears. "Get inspired and follow your dream" is one of his key messages.

"Sightseeing on a thin line" tells the story of Lukas´s journey to Capetown, slacklining on the Tablemountain and also teaching children in School. "Roadtrip through the USA" shows what we did travelling through the USA for over two months. There are different formats in length and contend to be shown to your audience about a certain topic or simply about Slacklining in general. Contact me now to find what you are looking for. 

"Vom Extremsport fürs Business lernen" - DHL
"Vom Extremsport fürs Business lernen" - DHL
"My Life On The Line" - Sparkasse Oberbayern
"My Life On The Line" - Sparkasse Oberbayern
Am Internat Schloss Neubeuern
Am Internat Schloss Neubeuern
Multimedia Vortrag auf der ISPO München
Multimedia Vortrag auf der ISPO München
Motivation Vortrag im Kinopolis Landshut


2017 "Work Life Balance" event with Swiss Life Select Munich

2017 Inspiring presentation for the "Sparkassen Bezirksverband Oberbayern"

2017 "My Life On The Line" presentation during the DTM Racing Weekend in Hockenheim 

2017 "Mit Mut zum Erfolg" for customers of the DHL in the BMW Welt Munich

2017 Inspiring lecture for the DHL at the "Eisarena Königsee"

2016 Motivational lecture at the Kinopolis Landshut for the SpVgg Landshut 

2016 Multimedia presentation at the "Internat Schloss Neubeuern" 

2015 Multimedia presentation for the PETZL Junior Rock Trip

2014 Multimedia presentation for the DAV Freising

2013 Video presentation at the "Urban Highline Festival" Lublin

2012 Multimedia presentation at the ISPO Snow Ice & Rock Summit

2012 Multimedia presentation for the DAV Sektion Freising

2011 Multimedia presentation at the "Volltrauf" Climbingfestival

2011 Presentation at the Globe Welt in Köln