adidas Terrex

Adidas is supporting me with the best outdoor clothes on the market. I am in the Outdoor Team since 2010 and very happy to be part of the product testing and development. Its just great to share my experience and feedback with a company that has a strong interest in always improving their products and make them even better every day. Furthermore adidas supports my projects and travels on a big scale.

Adidas Eyewear

To reach a goal its not only necessary to know it, but furthermore to never loose it out of sight. The Evil-Eye from adidas eyewear helps me to shield my eyes from the sun in any circumstances and protects my eyes from the wind. The polarized glasses help me to focus on the anchors even if they are far away, and so these pair of glasses is my newest best friend on the Highline.


Samuel Volery and Tobias Rodenkirch have started the company Slacktivity in 2006. Slacktivityhas since then come a long way and has changed the way Slackining has developed profoundly due to innovative products like the Hangover. Slacktivity has great solutions for almost any kind of Slackline, but has focused on high-end Highlinine equipment, which I will be happily using in the future for the pursuit of my own dreams! Thanks Sam and Tobi for the chance to join the team!


All you need for your vertical activities, thats what the french company Petzl offers for more than 40 years now. They serve the climbing needs as well as industrial professionals and therefor have the perfect gear for the needs of a Slackliner. I feel honored to be part of PetzlĀ“s Team in Germany now and look forward into a future with many nice tools supporting me on my goals.


GoPro Germany supports me with their great action cameras so I can produce better videos and show the world my sport from the first-person-view. 

Red Bull

Red Bull supports me with their full range of products and also is a partner for my future projects to help the sport of slacklining grow and realize exceptional ideas.


VITAGO means innovative training strategies for the individual support from patients to professional athletes. Since 2014 geh VITAGO Team is also supporting myself to reach my goals and become a better athlete. In a nice ambience and very professional hands I feel confident for the future and new adventures.



Every sportsman is only as good as the team behind him. Since 2015 I am in the hands of both the Martins at MEDICALPLUS and have learned to appreciate their great holistic treatments and their expertise. Thanks for helping be always getting the best out of myself and staying healthy!

Archimede Watches

High quality watches made in Germany - thats the family Ickler. Since 1924 the Archimde watches are being made in Pforzheim and the family ICKLER brings into it all their experience, know how and passion. Since 2014 the new Outdoor-Black is accompanying me on all my ways.


Bosch Power Tools supports me with their powerful and yet very light weight rotary hammer drill. Bolting Highlines with just one or two batterie-packs is no longer a problem with the GBH 18 V-EC Professional.