Skyfall - worlds longest urban Highline

It was definitly a unique chance to set up the 96m long and about 20m high "Skyfall" Highline in Hannover´s city center. With this highline i got to send the longest urban Higlhine so far in front of about 20.000 spectators.

When the guys from GOP, germany´s oldest Varieté Theater called me and asked me to do a Highline for ther big gala-show in Hannover i was stoked right away. My enthusiasm got less intense, when they told me it will be about 80m long and the whole show will be happening at night time. I had not much time to think about this offer and so i said i would try it, but something like this has never been attempted and so success is very unsure. They didn´t had a problem with that and were yet convinced i could do it.

When we arrived we found out the Line would be more like 96m long and theirfor an even bigger challenge, so we started rigging right away. It took us a couple hours and even with quite a lot of helpers we finished the rigging very late. At the following morning at 6:00 we should be back at the spot for the final check and also for a first try to walk it. With even the TV showing up so early i was pressured quite much, but as i got on the Line to try i felt yet very relaxed. I was very tired, but it just felt awesome to see the sun rise over the city while walking this awesome highline. I managed to onsight the Line and before i totally realized i already reacht the other building and felt a great reliev. It was possible and even way easier then i had expected it to be!

Now it was time to get breakfast, sleep, wait and slackline in the park, till the evening. The Show was involving not only my akt, but a couple really cool artists and showacts and was very nice to watch from the rooftop where is was waiting for my part. For the show i was not going to walk the full leght, because of a timelimit i needed to go to the middle with the line-gliger and stand up there to finish the line walking. It all went perfect and it felt really amazing to walk this lie over 20.000 people, watching and cheering!

It was an amazing adventure which showed me one more time that a lot more is possible, the you expect of yourself until you go out and try.