Sarche - Italy

There is this Highlineproject in Italy i wanted to do for such a long time but somehow it took two summers to finally go there. Together with Chris and Basti i took the chance to finally do it together with Yorick Charoux, a photographer, who came along for the "fit for fun - magazine". The over 60m long and 300m high "Ugly Barbarossa" Line was bolted and rigged by Hannes, Helmar, Alex and some other guys. After realizing the immense height difference it was reboltet but never walked since then. This was what we came for. After almost spending a while day on the rigging we were able to send the line multiple times and it was a great feeling to be on a real highline again! 300m height is just mindblowing. After the temperature got hotter and hotter we actually decided to derig earlier and go for some waterlining at the lakes closeby. It was the best decission, as the next day was even hotter and so we enjoyed the cold and clear water underneath the two waterlines we rigged and raged.