MASTERY - 425M european longline record

Its not only a new record for me. Rather it is a long time dream finally coming true. I have been pushing my longline limit over the last years from 200 to now even over 400m and i really believe there is no end. It just comes down to the opportunities you get. You need a long webbing, which is not easy to get at all. You need the perfect spot, you need good weather and finaly you need good friends to rig the line with. It is not simply the achievment of one singe person, but rater a group efford and its the best feeling if all the people being part of the adventure get their shot. So i was really happy that Julian Mittermaier was able the walk the line even before me. So we could celabrate a new European Longline Record together. This adventure will be prt of a new documentary we are currently working on. It will be finished in summer 2013 and show the life as a professionall slackliner.