Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, a trick which has been considered impossibe but still attempted for over 10 years by many talented Slackliners. Yet it hasnĀ“t been landed, not even close to that, before i comitted some hard training days working on that single move. You jump of the Line sideways and swing around the Highline one time and then try to land back on the Slackline. Its the first Highline-trick involving the leash, so I started a new age of Highline-tricks by landing this trick as the first person. It took me several days, many attempts and many hard falls untill i fnally landed back on the line. It felt so soft and natural when it finally happened and i needed to see the video to really believe I did it! I feel comfortable that this trick will be possible on a consistent basis, as I can land on the line with my feet almost every time. Its just about staying back on, pretty much the same game as in the early times of doing backflips on the trickline! Cheers to a new age of Highline-tricks.