Il fait beau - my longest Highline

As the South of France has gotten to be my second home in 2013 I also spend some time in the amazing Gorges du Verton. The more than 200m deep stone Valley is one of the most stunning places I have been to. And the best thing about the Gorge is that there is pretty much no hiking or any climbing needed to get to the top. You just drive up and fall out of your car and you are at the edge, ready to set up. This is amazing, as it is possible to rig super long Highlines in almost no time and yet have some of the best exposure ever. One of the Lines I fell in love on first sight was a 105m long connection of already existing anchors and a tree. I rigged it twice during my stay in Marseille but due to a lot of wind and the massive exposure messing with my mind I wasn´t able to finish the walk across back then. So I had to be patient and return in the end of summer to finish my project. On a roadtrip from Germane over Switzerland we came back to the magic valley. We set up the Line a little different this time. Not double webbing, but Webbing and a rope to be better prepared for the wind. And it definitely helped. Still it was a two days fight to finally get the chance of a calm moment and good feeling to finally cross the Line of my dreams. It was such a pleasure to reach the tree. I have never spend so many days and tries on a Highline so far, but it was so worth it. 


Foto Copyright Christian Kruse -