The highest Highline in the World - Volcano Misti, Peru

Lukas Irmler and his crew around Mariano Breccia and Julver Eguiluz set up the highest Highline in the World on October 22nd at the top of El Misti.

With an approximate altitude of 5721m above sea level this Line is only marginally (if at all) higher that the previous record by Stephan Siegrist, but it is a stunning 430m long Slackline crossing a still active volcano.

Lukas was able to walk about 200m on this Highline until he had to turn around due to the conditions of the Line and the time constraint to allow for a safe return.

The second objective to climb Chachani and walk the first Highline above 6000m had to be abandoned, as the crew was too exhausted and not enough time was left in this trip. 

Who is interested in my personal story about the whole trip will find my report here as PDF.