Helicopterphobia - 77m Highline (FRA)

I always wanted to go to the Côte d`Azur discover the highline potential at the cost. Meeting my old projects friends Sam and Sabastian at the Ispo we quickly came to making plans about going together. As we arrived in Cassis (near Marseille) we quickly realized that it is not that easy to access the really good Highline spots, but still we managed to find a beautiful and yet very challenging spot to rig a 77m long Highline. because of the strong winds and the graet exposure of the Line, 200m over the ocean it took me quite much to the last day to finally walk it! My relief was great and the evening was celebrated with a couple beers back at the campsite! The following days we also visited Monaco and rigged an other highline there as well. It was just a perfect mixture of adventure and holiday, something yu can probably only find in the south of France!