Dolomites Meeting

Armin, Ale and Aldo, thats the A-Team of Slacklining and the guys from south tirol organized the first highline meeting in the dolomites 2012. It took place in Misurina and i had to go there, even if it was only for 2 days. It was a short trip, but with strong experiences, which will stay in my mind. The night before i arrived it was snowing a lot and therefor the lines were all iced and covered with snow when we arrived. There were quite a lot of people, but noboday really wanted to step on the highlines that day. I did not mind the cold conditions and just started with the short lines. I quickly had to realize that with that slippy conditions and having to wear shoes my limit was walking the 50m long Highlines. The next day was surprisingly warm and during the day all the snow melted away. By midday i could start projecting the 92m line, which was the longest at the festival. I was able to make a crossing with a lot of catches, but this was the best effort i could make that day. Also the other guys had a couple more days trying this line, nobody got to send it, so we will have to come back next year!Thanks to Chris Kruse from Dynamic features i got some amazing pictures of the trip!