500m underground - A Highline in the Gouffre Berger Cave

An extraordinary project, which turned out to be one of the hardest I ever tried to accomplish. Bringing together caving and slacklining seemed to be a fabulous idea, and so we planed to do the deepest Highline in the world. 

We wanted to descend 500m into the Gouffre Berger, one of the worlds best known caves, into the "Salle des Treize" in order to set up a Highline. Supported by PETZL and some incredibly driven french Slackliners and Cavers I ventured out to access the inaccessible in June 2016. 

Check out some of the images Vale Rapp shot along the way and make sure to watch the trailer for the upcoming documentary, also by Vale Rapp.


Deepline | A Highline 500 meters underground - Trailer from Petzl Germany on Vimeo.

Deepline | A Highline Expedition 500 meters underground from Petzl Germany on Vimeo.