Cap Canaille - 350m over the ocean

Summer looks different this year! Also in Marseille, France the last month was not too good. First we had a lot of rain and then heavy winds up to 100 km/h, which stayed for over a week, making it impossible to go highlining. But still i discovered one of the most mindblowing Highline spots. The Cap Canaille is the highest sea cliff of south France and the view from the more than 350m high cliff ist really amazing. You are overlooking the little city of Cassis, the ocean and also some parts of the calanques. The cliff is quite famous for climbers, due to the outstanding height and location, but also in some parts of it it is highly frequented by tourists.

I found the possibe highline spots up there, one with about 25m lenght and an amazing view and exposure, as the rock is overhanging and over a 100m straight down. And the other one is about 60m long and even more exposed, but the view more in direction of the city than the ocean. I was really stunned when i went there for the first time, as it is almost as high and exposed as verdon, has a similiar access and is even more beautiful with the view of the ocean.

When i tested the rock quality it was kind of a major downturn as it prooved to be really bad all around! After searching for a while we found enough ok spots to place a couple bolts really far from each other. We bolted in the early morning hours, becasue i did not want to create a lot of publicity about it and so the day we went bolting it was also strategically a rain day. After we bolted and set the line the weather got really bad and after i was able to send the line in heavy rain and fog we went back home.

The next day was blue sky and sun again and so we came back, fully motivated! On the spot we noticed a really strong breeze coming up the wall. The Wind became stronger within the day and even thought we had a really nice view this day it was also really hard to walk the line. It felt like beeing in a wind channel. But still it was a great day and a superb line with an amazing exposure. The name of the Line is kind of a pun as i named it „Pluie belle la vie“. It is a variation from „plus belle la vie“, the name of a famous french tv show. Its hard to translate but as „plus belle la vie“ means something like „more beautiful, the life“, the name of the highline would be „beautiful rain, the life“.

A few days later, after the winds calmed down again we came back to realize the 60m Line, which was a little more tricky!
This time i found a possibility for an natural anchor on the one side and just bolted on the other side. The natural anchor was kind of complex and not too good, but we used 2 existing bolts as a backup. So we first tensioned the line to about 600kg and then released tension to about 350kg for the walking. So we wanted to make sure the rock was ok and then go down with the tension to minimize the risk. I was able to walk the line on sight and I was really happy after the fullman that the whole setup was apparently working. One more time i realized that without the training on super loose highlines this line would not have been possible, as it would have been a big risk to go higher with the tension! After sending the line the name came along very easy. „don ́t worry, be slacky“.

This area is kind of my masterpiece in south france right now. It is a new Verdon but with even better view and exposure. Unfortunatly the zwo lines we did is pretty much everything you can find on the Cap. But nevertheless they are definitely within my top 10 list of highlines.