Brazil - A SlacklinerĀ“s Dream

Brazil was on my mind for a long time. Everyone knows photos of Rio de Janeiro, the beaches, the monolites, the city just everything seems to be huge and amazing there. I needed to see all that with my own eyes and walk some Lines in the new hot spot of Slacklining. In 2013 I made my very first Expedition to high altitude Highlining in Peru and so I thought visiting Brazil afterwards might be just the perfect reward. It definitely was! Thanks to some amazing local Slackliners, Gustavo and Caio I got to see the real Brazil and not only visiting Rio but also exploring some new terrain in the heart of Minas Gerais establishing the first Highines on one of BrazilĀ“s highest waterfalls - the Tabuleiro waterfall! There we also got the opportunity to rig a 90m long and over 300m high Highline, one of the best I ever set foot on! Walking this Line in only my second attempt not only was one of the best walks of my life but also got me the record in South America, which is still valid up to date! So as pictures always tell more than thousand words, just enjoy the photos and feel the vibe!