Since i moved to Marseille i was exporing the Calanques for new highlines. Surprisingly it was not as easy as i first thought. The possiblilities are really endless, but access is not always easy and there are certain rules in the calanques which make it a little bit difficulty to find proper Highlinespots. Nevertheless i found a few really amazing spots and one of them is located in En Wau, which is one of the most famous Calanques and for sure the one being fotographed the most. I f you ever saw pictures from the Calanques i bet you have seen En Vau! I was happy enough to find a 80m long Highline spot directly over the Beach and with good natural anchors, which is ver important, as bolting in the Calanques is acctually forbidden. But nevertheless i found some very unique spots. Along there was a perfect Line i found in the most famous Calanque. In En Vau i discovered a 80m long gap, directly over the beach and with possible natural anchors. I almost couldn ́t wait to finally rig it.

When Friedi, Chris and Nadine visited me here in Marseille, we alltogether went there Along came Marc, one of the best climbers around. After a solid hour of hiking and about two hours of rigging the new line was ready to be walked. We rigged it on the Elephant Blue Wing and a standard 10,5mm staic Rope as backup. The Mainline tension was about 600kg, so it was rather loose. My first tries were by far not very good, but after a couple attempts i made it to the middle and continued walking to the very end of the Line. It was just magic, as i got the way back on my very first try. When i finally got back at the rigging side, there has been a big gathering of hikers and people chilling on the beach under me, and they all were giving me a great applause. What a feeling to finish the first ascend of a new established Highline. I walked the line a couple times that day and really couldn ́t stop until i was totally exhausted. The Calanque, the water, the rocks and the beach underneath, this line was a dream and it really was happening to get real! Because of the just perfect mixture of sun, sea and air i decided to call the longest Highline in the Calanques "Arc-en-ciel", french for Rainbow.