Waterline Worldrecord


Benjamin Kofler invited Sam Volery, Tijmen von Dieren, Lyell Grunberg and myself to the lake Kalterer near Kaltern in Southtyrol to challenge the Waterline Worldrecord. 

Thanks to good conditions Sam and myself could successfully cross the 750m long Slackline on our very first attempt, pushing the Waterline Worldrecord by a stunning 200m. Tijmen could send the line the very next day and thought very good attempts Benjamin was unfortunately not able to walk the entire distance without falling, but set a personal best by walking almost 400m continuously on this huge and challenging line!

Thanks goes out to the Gemeine Kaltern, the company Alpikran, as well as to Werner Maier, the organizer of the Kalterersee Triathlon for making it happen!