Experience yourself in a completly new way and find inner balance with Slacklining. Strenghen the group spirit of your team, making a borderline experience or simply have a fun day together. Whatever you are looking for, Lukas Irmler and his team will make your day.

Beginner Workshop

The first steps on the Slackline are much easier to achieve with a helping hand. Take Lukas´s hand and he will show you the most important aids and tricks to fasten up your learning progress. Everyone will lear some new steps, according to their personal level and fitness and at the end of the day there will be first steps for everyone. The Beginner Workshop works just perfect with short demonstrations of Lukas and can also be combined with a full Trickline Show.

Highline Workshop

Even experienced Slackliners need a Introduction in the safety precautions of Higlhining. In a small group or in personal training Lukas Irmler gives not only a overview in general technices, safety precautions and material science but also provides a lot of first hand experience. All this will be part of an unforgettable first highline experience, which is comparable to a high rope course. Making the first steps to your own highline adventure in a safe environment with professional help and instruction and contact me today.  


2010, 2011, 2012 Workshops at the Outdoor faire in Friedrichshafen

2012 Workshop at the "Tag der offenen Tür" in the BMW Welt München

2010, 2011 Courses for the VHS

2011 Workshop for the DAV Erlangen

2010 Workshopswith schoolchildren in Gugulethu (ZA)