Slackline Event

I have years of experience with organizing Slackline Events,  Contests and Battles. Its possible to make a contest out of everything, but a common format is the Trickline Battle on short Lines, but as well it is possible to do a Highline Contest or do a competition on a Waterline. Due to my good connection to the active Slacklining Scene I can assure you to invite the best athletes possible for whatever Event you have in mind! I am taking responsibility for organization, promotion, and invitation but also I can operate the Event and act as a moderator. 

Every Event is unique, so take your chance and contact me NOW!


2017 Red Bull Slackship, Poland

2017 World Record Event Pfaffenhofen

2017 Slackline Event for the Hessentag, Rüsselsheim

2016 Red Bull Airlines & Slackship

2016 First crossing of the Rhine Falls

2016 World Record Event Straubing

2015 Red Bull Slackship, Poland

2015 Rivercrossing in Burghausen

2015 Red Bull Airlines Catania, Italy

2014 Red Bull Airlines Catania, Italy

2014 "Walk the Donau" in Straubing

2013 Red Bull Airlines Neapel, Italy

2012 Slackline Contest auf der Alpin Messe Innsbruck 

2012 Slackline Contest at the german Bouldercup 

2011 Waterline Worldrecord Event in Uttendorf

2012 Waterline Worldrecord Event in Uttendorf