About me

When I stepped on my first Slackline in the summer of 2006, it felt totally different to me then any other sport I had tried before. I will never forget that positive feeling after crossing my first Slackline after 3 days of practising. Slacklining quickly became more than just my hobby. It developed into my sport, my passion and finally became my profession in 2011. After finishing my Bachelor of Science in 2011 I decided to dedicate my life completely to my passion Slacklining. Since then I was able to travel the world, realizing my dreams, sharing my passion and knowledge. After I finished my studies 2016 with a Master degree in Economics I commit my time fully to the sport and the work as a professional Athlete, Artist and Consultant.

I got unique chances and never let pass one, so I got two Guinness World Record Titles and numerous Longline Records within the last years. I also became first in several Tricks and Combinations on the Trickline and Highline. Furthermore I have gathered great experience in performing shows all around the globe and have been part of multiple TV productions. Today I am more than happy to share my passion and experiences while giving speeches and presentations as well as performances and workshops.










Slack Vita


Highline Fundrace - Endurance World Record

First Highline between Icefalls

Highline Project Dolomites 

Handstand on the Highline


Highline altitude record at 5721m

750m Waterline Worldrecord

254m Urban Highline Worldrecord

Australia Slackline Trip



580m Highline (PR)

303m Nylon Highline World Record

190m Urban Highline World Record

172m Urban Highline World Record Straubing

270m (Nylon) World Record Highline

153m Urban Highline World Record Olympia Stadium

180m Polyamid (Nylon) World Record Highline

Trickline Show in the Audi Dome Munich

Master of Science at the Technical University of Munich 



188m Highline (PR) austrian record

10 Highlines longer than 100m Länge

Crossing of the world record Highline with 470m

195m Rivercrossing Record in Burghausen (WR)

306m Waterline personal best

Organisation of the first Red Bull Slackship Event in Poland



Longest Highline in Africa on the Victoria Falls

Highest Highline in Germany

113m - personal Highline record

First Highlines in Vela Draga

Second Edition Red Bull Airlines



Highline Altitude Record over 5000m

105m - personal Highline record

Organization of the first Red Bull Airlines

425m Longline Europe Record

First Luke Skywalker Highline Trick

120 different Highlines in Europe, Asia and South America



2 times Guinness World Record Holder

310m Polyester World Record Longline

1.place at the Highline Contest Kufstein

96m Urban Show Highline Hannover (longest urban Higlhine)

103m Highline Record

First place at the "Trick ́n Slack" Contest Auerbach

305m Austria Longline Record   

77 Highlines in Europe, Asia and North America



262m Polyester World Record Longline

77m Highline firstascend in South France

Second place at the Austria Slackline Open 2011 OVERALL Contest    

80m Highline in Moab, Utah

95 Highlines in Europe, South Africa, Asia and North America



254m Polyester World Record Longline

Filmproject in South Africa for adidas

First place at the Longline Contest Lublin

First place at the Trickline Contest Chemnitz

Second place at the international Trickline Contest "Natural Games"  

81m long Highline first send

First "CartwheeltoBackflip"- Combo 

55 Highlines in Europe



First place at the Trickline Contest in Graz

Highlineexpedition Meteora (Greece)

Highlineshows at the "Internationalen Deutschen Turnfests" in Frankfurt